19 September 2008

Paragon Partition Manager Pro 8.5

Partition Manager 8.5 (Vista Compatible) Professional Edition
Partition Manager Professional Edition is complete solution for advanced hard disk repartition and hard disk optimization. Based on powerful Paragon’s Technologies it brings IT administrators fast and safe reallocation of hard disk recources for workstations and corporate laptops.
Partition Manager helps you to resize system partition without data loss, copy partitions to spare hard drive, generate and run scripts for any sequence of hard disk repartition operations, receive email notifications on operations completion and much more. Wide spectrum of hard disk repartition features, professional hard disk defragmenter with ability to optimize file system performance, extensive hardware and windows dynamic volumes support make Partition Manager Professional Edition an ultimate solution for hard disk management.
Learn more about Key Features and Benefits of Partition Manager Professional Edition:
Create and format partitions for your operating systems and data, get ready for new OS installation and improve your data organization. Create individual partitions for your valuable data and backup files, so they will be easy recoverable in case of operating system malfunction.

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