19 October 2008

Bitdefender Total Security 2008

Total Security 2008 provides the ultimate protection for your PCs, protecting you from virus, spam, spyware, identity theft and all other internet attacks. The integrated Firewall keeps you hidden from attackers, while protecting your WiFi. Parental Controls and our new Gamer Mode, are must for every family. In addition, System Tune-Up takes care of system maintenance to keep your PC running at top speed while Simple Back Up ensures your data is secure.
Please follow these easy steps in order to register and update with Bitdefender for life...

1. Download Bitdefender 2008 Total Security/Antivirus (Don't Install It Yet!!!)
2. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ and right click the "host" file --> properties
3. Untick read-only and apply.
4. Now open "host" with notepad. Add
Quote: update.bitdefender.com
to the host file.
Then save and close host file.
5. Ok, now install Bitdefender
6. After your done, they're should be a registeration wizard that popped up.
7. Use the keygen link below and download the keygen.
8. Now use the keygen to register the product.
9. After your finish with the registeration wizard, restart your computer.
10. After it finishes restarting you can now UPDATE for life...

Download Here


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